The Soapbox Spectacle - Digital LBC-02


The Soapbox Spectacle
by Lucky Boys Confusion
Stubhy - Vocals
Adam Krier - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Percussion, etc
Jason Schultejann - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ryan Fergus - Drums
Joseph Peter Sell IV - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dave Harbuziuk - Trumpet
Cornelius Boots - Alto and Tenor Saxophone
George Langis - Alto Saxophone
Phil Beskid - Baritone Saxophone

Released - 2000

All Songs Published by Townstyle Music (ASCAP)

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  1. 3 To 10
  2. City Lights
  3. 23 (God Only Knows)
  4. Not About Debra
  5. CB's Caddy Part II
  6. Fred Astaire
  7. Envy
  8. Dumb Pop Song